Denton Brass



Denton Brass are delighted to announce the appointment of Aaron Breeze as the bandís Musical Director.

Aaron Breeze possesses a diverse range of skills as an artist. These skills span from composition and video editing to piano performance, encompassing a wide array of repertoire. During his academic journey, Aaron studied composition under the guidance of Professor David Horne and Dr Larry Goves for both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the RNCM, graduating postgraduate in 2019 with Distinction. He received support from The Countess of Munster Musical Trust and the Radcliffe Trust, and his piano instruction came from Ben Powell. Aaron's musical compositions have been showcased in venues worldwide and have been featured in various BBC Radio 3 broadcasts. Noteworthy appearances on BBC Radio 3 include performances as part of the concert series, as well as his role as a composer and pianist on the BBC's Young Artist Day in 2014.


Aaron was fortunate enough to take part in masterclasses taught by well-known individuals like Michael Finnissy, Anders Hilborg, and Brian Ferneyhough during his academic career. He was fortunate enough to be a finalist for the prestigious RNCM Gold Medal concert in 2016 and 2017. Aaron's musical inclination revolves around performance, particularly within the realms of contemporary music and the interplay between music and comedy


From Liszt to ABBA to Morton Feldman, his prowess as a performer is as notable as his composition skills. He focuses particularly on the relationship between music and comedy and utilises unorthodox body parts to play the piano, exploring the unique sound worlds these performance techniques posit. In 2017, Aaron collaborated with New Order during the MIF (Manchester International Festival) '∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif)' event, contributing as a member of the synth orchestra. Subsequently, he joined the band on their 2018 tour across Vienna and Turin.


From 2019 to 2021, Aaron's focus shifted towards arranging, audio mixing, and video editing for the Manchester Video Game Orchestra. Since its inaugural concert in 2020, this orchestra has garnered recognition from prominent video game composers such as Stewart Copeland, Josh Mancell, Grant Kirkhope, Jeff van Dyck, and others. During the 2021-2022 season, Aaron served as the ballet repetiteur at Landestheater Linz. He composed music for numerous dance productions in collaboration with the dancers of Tanz Linz and Ashley Lobo. In the 2022-2023 season, Aaron once again teamed up with Tanz Linz, contributing to the dance production titled Traumzeit, which has garnered excellent reviews in the press.


We are very pleased and confident that he has the qualities needed to motivate and challenge the band going forward.