Karen Smith

NAME – Karen Smith

When Started Playing – 1980-1986 then a gap of 23 years 2009

When Joined Denton Brass - on and off through the years but most recently April 2015

Previous Bands - 1980-01986 Hollingworth, Burnage, Denton Oldham Batteries, Denton Original 2009-onwards, Denton Brass, Tintwistle, Denton Brass

Best moment in Banding - winning a slow melody solo contest playing The Lost Chord at the age 11.

Worst moment in Banding - attempting a world record for the worlds largest marching brass band and ending up being taken to hospital in an ambulance with hypothermia.

Favourite Test Piece - Brass Triumphant by Gareth Wood

Future hopes and wishes - to see Denton Brass climb up the sections again like we did in the 80’s.