Greta Brownridge

NAME – Greta Brownridge

When Started Playing – Approximately 1983 and then again in February 2015 after a 29 year break.

When Joined Denton Brass -Training Band February 2015 then Senior Band March or April 2015.

Previous Bands - Glossop School Band

Best moment in Banding  - Marching through Blackpool sometime in the early 1980s with a group of school friends who were also part of Glossop School Band singing at the top of our voices “we are the champions” after we had won the Blackpool competition.  More recently, getting top C once (to my surprise) on the sop but finding I can get top A and B more often now and getting at least the 2nd part of my exposed bit in English Pastorale correct at the Rochdale 2015 contest

Worst moment in Banding -In the early 1980s when staying in a hotel at Blackpool for the competition someone grassing on me to the band leader about something I said.  I was mortified that he had “found out.”  More recently messing up my 1st exposed bit in English Pastorale at the Rochdale 2015 contest.

Favourite Test Piece - The Journal of Phileas Fogg

Future hopes and wishes - To be as good as my “Sop hero” Nigel Fielding and to spend less time going dizzy on the high (or particularly long and high) notes.  Also to have such good tone and confidence on top G-top C that I make those notes sound as easy to play as whomever the sop player is for “Brass Band De Waldsang” when they play English Pastorale – that person’s musicianship is outstanding.  I hope one day Jack Fletcher finds out that (like so many who were in Glossop School Band under his leadership) I have gone back to banding and his legacy lives on.